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Executive Officers 2019  - 2021


mary alice browning - President

Betty Napp - Vice President

Carol L Ford - Treasurer

 - Secretary

Board Members 

Place 1 -  Membership

Place 2 -  Dwight Jenkins - Rules and guidance

Place 3 -  Jim Morgan - Sound Equipment

Place 4 -  Souvenirs

Place 5 -  Travis Sellers - Building and Maintenance

Place 6 -  Faye Sullivan - Concession and Long Range Planning

Place 7 -  Annie Murphy - Finance and Building

Place 8 -  Charlotte Bagley - Public Relations

Board of Trustees

don peavey

Charlie hathcock

Melvin farmer

Mobile Country Music Association


Clyde Napp - Vocal and Rhythm Guitar

Jim Morgan - Vocal and Lead Guitar

Howard Coakley - Steel Guitar and Vocals

Charlie Hathcock - Bass and Vocals

Sandy Routh - Drums and Vocals

Melvin Farmer - Vocals and Lead Guitar

Our Executive board is a group of 4 dedicated individuals who offer and give tirelessly.  They bring to the table ideas and procedures that run and maintain the operations of MCMA.  They are the core of MCMA and are elected by the membership.  They are responsible for the running the Saturday night shows and making the decisions of the best interest of the organization.  Along with these 4 there are the 8 board members who are also elected into these positions.  These 8 board members help to vote and support the Executive Board while keeping the MCMA organization at the forefront of all decisions.